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Suri Anggun Solution

Everything You Need To Celebrate Your Motherhood

Get special Setsuri equipment for both mother and newborn. Suitable to use from pregnancy to confinement processes. Consists of products bath care, products for mother and baby, belly binder, breastfeeding equipment, and furnace stone.

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Free delivery with purchases of RM100 and above. For Peninsular Malaysia only.

Delivery Time

Every purchase is processed and shipped in 2-3 days after payment.

100% Quality

We put great emphasis on the quality aspect in each of our products

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    Body wrap

    Easy Binder Batik Series

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    Kedatangan Baru

    Anggun Postnatal Kit 4 in 1

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    Kedatangan Baru

    V-Steam Therapy Kit

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    Value Package

    Placenta Disposable Kit (10 items in 1 box)

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Oil & Essential

Herbal Bath

Body Wrap


Herbal Compress

Value Package

What People Say


I’ve tried all sorts of brands and just tried the permaisuri confinement set. Feels good, the lotion is also effective. It only takes a short time to get back to the original body shape.

how does cbd oil stop seizures from premium jane

Farah Zamri

Before this, I have bought a confinement set, but I didn’t have time to fully use it. But once I started using the Setsuri’s, I could finish the entire product. Comfortable and very easy to use.

Imani Ismail


Seronok berpantang dengan produk Setsuri ni, lepas pakai baby lotion pada anak saya dari lahir sampai 3 bulan baby tak meragam.

What’s your favorite CBD product?

CBD products are definitely here to stay. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence as well as scientific evidence that points to the benefits of CBD products, and people buy cbd online are becoming more and more interested in using them.

Do you have any tips for using CBD topicals?

Yes! I highly recommend buying CBD cream online. I’ve tried a few different brands buy cbd cream online and have had the best results with CBD for skin cream.

What ingredients are in your reishi capsules?

Our reishi capsules contain organic reishi fruiting bodies and mycelium. Our reishi capsules reishi capsules from vidacap are made in the USA in a GMP certified facility.

Fazlyna Marlyssa

Alhamdulillah lepas guna set berpantang dari Setsuri ni alhamdulillah pengalaman berpantang saya lebih better dari sebelum ni. Sebelum ni first time berpantang sendiri sampai dapat bentan. Sakitnya hanya Tuhan yang tahu time tu.

Setsuri shower gel smells nice and comfortable. After the shower, I feel comfortable and my body also feels more refreshing. I noticed that my sluggish body gradually feels better.

Syakila Harun


Saya orderkan untuk isteri  saya. Alhamdulillah sejak consume isteri saya kurang dah mcm sakit badan ke sakit urat ke kurang. Nak guna pun senang sebab dekat produk tu sendiri dah ada instruction.

Maliki Isyak

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Need info before choosing our products?

Setsuri is a range of products mothers need after giving birth. It consists of confinement and breastfeeding necessities for mothers. Both are crucial elements in 40 days after giving birth.


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Setsuri is a combination of traditional and modern elements. It offers a complete range for the mother as well as the spoiled starting when pregnant until the process of abstaining.

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