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From Mother to Mother, We Care About You.

Setsuri is a range of essential products mothers need after giving birth. It consists of confinement and breastfeeding necessities for mothers. Both are essential elements in 40 days after giving birth.

The confinement process consists of the four, namely:

Herbal Bath
Herbal Compress
Body Wrap
Oil & Essential

Who Are We

We are the leading Confinement Products In Malaysia. Our products are natural and eco-friendly inspired by traditional Asian treatments complemented with tropical natural ingredients and essences.

The society’s stigma towards confinement is that it is a tedious and complicated process. Hence why setsuri was created to help women, especially those being mothers for the first time, that confinement is not too tedious and complicated. We at setsuri still retain the traditional elements although they have been modernized to suit the needs to modern women now.

Why Do You Have To Choose Us?

With the experience we have, we are confident that every product we produce is suitable for the use of mothers in confinement nowadays.

8 Years

We are very experienced in the production of Setsuri products


Each of our product production is approved by statutory bodies such as KKM


In Setsuri, quality is the most important thing in our company


The prices of our products are suitable for all walks of life

Setsuri is a combination of traditional and modern elements. It offers a complete range for the mother as well as the spoiled starting when pregnant until the process of abstaining.

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