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Anggun Postnatal Kit 4 in 1


Setsuri Anggun Postnatal Kit is consist 4 postpartum recovery essential for new mother and baby.


  • Setsuri Calming Herbal Paste are made from special herbs mixture that can be applied to the forehead to relieve postpartum headache.
  • Setsuri Postnatal Herbs Capsule are combination of premium herbs known to stregthrn women body especially during confinement.
  • Setsuri Massage Oil are made to moisturize and makes skin softer with lemongrass and sun flower extract.
  • Setsuri Baby Oil are made to moisturize baby skin. it is light and easily absorbed oil enriched with vitamin E & D which good for baby’s skin.

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Setsuri Postnatal Herbs Capsule:

How To Consume: 1 Capsule every time after eating, 2 times per day.

Suggestion: Pregnant mothers are not advised to take this capsule. Non-pregnant women can take this capsule once every 2 days as a supplement to maintain health.Please consult your pharmacist or doctor before taking this

How to store:

Setsuri Postnatal Herbs Capsule: Store in dry place below 30c. Protects from light and moisture.

Setsuri Calming Herbal Paste, Setsuri Massage Oil, Setsuri Baby Oil: Store in dry & cool place. Keep our of reach of children.

Inside the package: 1 Setsuri Claming Herbal Paste, 1 Setsuri Postnatal Herbs, 1 Setsuri Massage Oil, 1 Setsuri Baby Oil

Net weight: 270 grams

Weight 1 kg


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