Calico Zip Body Wrap


Setsuri Calico Zip Body Wrap are made of high quality calico fabric that is thick and soft. It has a zipper that makes it easier for mothers to refrain from going to the toilet during the discharge process.


  • Slimming the waist.
  • Prevents the entry of wind in the body.
  • Prevents sagging and bloated stomach.
  • Restores the exact shape of the body and back of the virgin.
  • Avoiding the baby from falling and raising the baby after the birth process.
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Size Measurement:

  • S (20 inches x 42 inches)
  • Free Size (20 inches x 49 inches)
  • XL (20 inches x 50 inches)
  • XXL (20 inches x 55 inches)

How to wear:

  1. Make sure the label side is at the top
  2. Fold and pull the patterned fabric on the front.
  3. Pull the fabric until it feels neat and comfortable.
  4. Insert the rope starting from the bottom crosswise.
  5. Continue criss-crossing up to the short rope and tie off.
  6. Continue the cross tie at the top until the top. If there is excess string at the top, you can wrap the excess string around the bottom of the chest and tie it off.



Weight 0.471 kg

S, Free Size, XL, XXL


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