Herbal Bath Leaves


Setsuri herbal bath sachet made with a blend of herbs which passed on from generations to generations to support your well-being while winding blow.


  • Restores body freshness.
  • Get rid of gas in the body.
  • Reacts as an aroma therapy to reduce stress.
  • Smoothens the blood flow and breast milk.
  • Overcome body odor.
  • Relieves nerves and muscles tension in the body.
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Ingredients: Blumea balsamifera (daun chepa), flemingia strobilifera (daun meringan), cinnamomum culilawan bl (daun teja), vitex trifolia var negunda (daun lamunni hitam), mauritius papeda (daun limau purut), cymbopogon nardus (serai wangi), Mallothus biaceae (daun balik angin), melastoma malabathricum (daun senduduk), dan alpinia galanga (daun lengkus).


  1. Fill 2 liter of water and put a handful of herbal mixture into a pot.
  2. Heat until boil and remove from the heat. Allow the herbs to infuse for 20 minutes or longer.
  3. Strain the liquid and add directly to your tub.

How to store: Herbal pouch can be reused 3 times until the aroma and color fade.

Net weight: 50/100 grams

Weight 0.100 kg


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