Dewi Set : Confinement Package


This package offer three types of herbal oil for confinement needs, such as:

  • Baby Oil
  • Slimming Lotion
  • Massage Oil

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Baby Oil:

Net weight 50ml

3 main ingredients: olive oil, lime and almond.

  • Absorbable on baby’s skin
  • Non-sticky
  • Stimulates and moisturizes baby’s skin
  • Contains delicate lime scent

Massage Oil:

Used when massaging the mothers in abstinent:

  • Has lockable lid to prevent leakage.
  • Enriched with betel and sunflower extract.
  • Moisturizes and soften the skin.

Slimming Lotion:

Designed for burning body fat.

  • Helps expel excessive gas or flatulence from the body.
  • Cooling and provides comfort to the skin.
  • Contains refreshing fragrance.
  • Applicable at any time.
Weight 300 kg


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