Tungku Batu Sungai


  • Relieves body aches.
  • Get rid of gas in the body.
  • Reduce menstruation pain.
  • Manage body in lieu to sauna and self comfort-therapy .
  • Help shrinks the uterus and all surrounding limbs that are swollen due to pregnancy and childbirth.

Methods to prepare:

  1. Heat the river stone for about 5-20 minutes. Use a gas stove to cook over low heat. Do not use a high heat because the stone will crack and split.
  2. Not too long if you don’t want the fabric to burn. Cover the cloth with betel leaves, noni or galangal leaves before placing the stone.
  3.  Do it in each section for 5-10 minutes and repeat in the other section.
  4.  Normally, the heat of the stone can last about 1 hour.
Weight 1 kg


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